• TGI.1 500g

TGI1 is of our family of conductive inks based on graphite and other ingredients.

TGI mean" termogenionic" because when a surface painted with this ink, is fluxed with al electric current, it become an electric heating radiator that also

emit negative ion since it contain pyroelectric crystals.

So is possible to heat an ambient and fill it with negative ions at same time.

Negative ions attract powder that is usually charged positively and so grains floculate become bigger and precipitate on the floor.

Since graphite has negative resistance , we add also a metal oxide to stabilize resistance at higher temperature and electric current don't rise.

TGI1 is made with a resin compatible with silicate paints and resist up to 400°C. It can be use on plasteboards, wood and masonry.

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TGI.1 500g

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